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[Suggestion] Different Markers on Repeatable Hero Challenges after 1st Completion


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Hello ANet,

TL;DR1 - Repeatable HoT Hero Challenges can't be easily identified once they have been completed for the 1st time, hence granting the +10 points for Hero Training2 - Actual markers Makes it very difficult to keep track if a Repeatable Hero Challenge was ever once completed in a character3 - Confusing like F*4 - Change markers so they can be easily identified if they were ever completed for map completion / +10 Hero Points

I'm posting this suggestion due to a confusion I had on my alts after being away from PvE and HoT maps for a huge while, which led me to open a rather stupid support ticket and giving the hell of a work to one of your guys due to me being careless and not recalling that I've done some HoT Hero Challenges that were turned to "repeatable". Problem is: when you look at them in the minimap there's no easy way to tell if you're ever completed them at least once, for the Map Completion score and the character Hero Points.

This leads to a lot of confusion specially on alts or after you've been away from the game for a while. It would be a LOT easier for players if we can just open the minimap and have a clear visualization of a Repeatable Hero Challenge of which of those you have NEVER ever done, which you have done ONCE but can repeat for the chest on that day and which you have done BOTH. Just a color change might be enough for us to look at tell the difference straight away.

Thanks in advance.

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