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More inventory clutter than in F2P MMO's.


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What's the point of this?


Ok, i know i have some stuff here that i can get rid of, but even without that, i need 2 bags just for clutter items.Every map has it's own currency, but that's not enough, you also need to collect stuff to buy at that maps vendors, and you need stuff to open containers that contain that stuff that you use to buy at vendors and then you get "materials" that don't deposit in the material storage and every map has at least 4 items that you can't part with and need to carry with you at all times or destroy them because you need them to spend at vendors.

What's the wallet for? Why the arbitrary 250 limit on deposit stacks? I've played free MMO's with less inventory clutter than this, and those unlike GW2 exclusively rely on you buying bag space. I had to buy Guild Wars 2. And yeah, i know they also sell bag slots, but come on, even if i don't buy extra bag slots i shouldn't have to be this encumbered with junk. I have alts that exclusively serve as mules now because i don't have any space to put bloodstone shards, empyreal fragments and dragonite ore, not to mention, my bank is full...

I mean, if bags were cheap (both space and bags themselves) i'd consider buying more space, but 10€ for a bag space? Come on. Let us breathe, you already got my money 3 times and you'll get more in the future, but for god's sake tone it down a little. And i didn't even start playing PoF properly yet, this is all from core and HoT.

Post your inventory clutter screenshot if you want.

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I've typed out several responses to this. Most of which boil down to 'need more information' so I can better assess and not be too much of a smartkitten in my attempt to help you.

Yes, each map has its own currency. Which goes into the wallet, so you don't have to store that. They also have items you collect - I'm assuming you're talking about rubies and petrified wood and such? If so, those all deposit into the bank now. They do have slots in the material tab, and iirc, you can spend them without having them on you as well. If you're referring to other items (possibly PoF items?), please clarify.

The wallet is for currencies. Or at least most of them. They've given some reasons as to why certain items haven't been, or won't be added to it.

The 250 stack was a technical limitation at the launch of the game. (It was an issue in GW1 as well). Obviously with the introduction of material slot expanders this isn't an issue "anymore." At least to some extent. However, they can't just give everything away for free. Businesses are in business to make money after all. The expanders are one of the options I think were ok to monetize.

As for the abundance of bloodstone dust, fragments, and dragonite - convert what you need, pitch the rest. There really isn't a need to hoard stacks upon stacks of it unless you're crafting significant numbers of items that require it often. At which point, would you really have stacks of it lying around?

Beyond that, do you really need to carry 3 black lion salvage on you? That clutter just looks like you need some inventory management help is all.

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Ok, i'll take all the help i can get!

I know about the wallet and i wasn't talking about airship parts and the like, i'm talking about crowbars and stuff like that, the stuff you have to hoard to open up containers on that 1 map. None of what you see in the screenshot can be deposited in the bank yet several items' description is "Material: Profession (requirement)"... So what's up with that? PoF casino coins, crowbars, milling stones (or whatever those are), i can't do anything with those except hoard them to spend when i have enough and stuff like casino coins is explicitly currency, nothing else as far as i know (not that far into PoF yet), so why is it not in the wallet?

Also, i have to hoard black lion kits because i don't have anywhere to put them. My bank is full of stuff i need for the Horologicus collection, boosters that i accumulated (i use them, but there's plenty), stuff i get like bank express (lol), TP express and ascended recipes and trinkets that i can't learn or use on my main (and i don't have any other lvl 80 characters). Most of my bloodstone and simmilar stuff is on my alts, i'm not even worried about that even though i have lots of those. I do plan to use them but it's not like i have 50 stacks, they're not "that" much clutter.

And i know they need to make money, but seriously, each map in HoT has it's own 3 different things that won't deposit and now i'm getting stuff like that in PoF.So after i salvaged all i can i still have 40 items in my inventory and nowhere to put them. So that's 40 items that won't salvage or deposit. F2P MMO's don't have that many different items that you have to hoard.

Also, a lot of the stuff that i don't really use is account bound or soulbound. I can't sell it or even give the item to someone, i'm just either stuck with it or i can vendor or destroy it.

If you want, i can clean as much as i can of my inventory, and post a screenshot of my inventory and bank, you can tell me what i can get rid of.

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@Zaltys.7649 said:Recipes are account-wide now, have been for a while. So you should really just use those (and sell duplicates).

You mean i can "learn" an armorsmithing recipe on my character that only has Tailor/Artificer and my other characters (even if they don't have the necessary requirement) will know them?

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Working top to bottom and left to right here's what I'd do with your inventory:

  • FYI 1: you can reach the bank for free from anywhere by going to WvW or the PvP lobby, and then can go back to exactly where you were - so bear that in mind when I've said I'd keep things in the bank until you need them.
  • FYI 2: If you're not sure what an item is for or how to use it you can use the Wiki to find out.
  • FYI 3: When I say 'sell it' I usually mean on the Trading Post (and if I say you can buy it again later I definitely mean that). But if you can't, for example if an item has hit it's minimum sell price you can always sell it to a merchant instead.

Level 80 boost - keep if you don't have a level 80 already, if you do then use them to boost additional characters so you have more options for which profession to play in high level content.

Black Lion Booster - Use it as soon as you're likely to be actively playing for 30 minutes. (By actively I mean actually in combat, doing events and things or in WvW or PvP - not hanging around in town, afking on the forums, re-dying your mounts etc.)

Black Lion Chests - Unless you really like to impulse buy keys and can't stand to delay the 'excitement' of opening them I'd store these in your bank and just get them out when you have a key.

Black Lion Salvage Kits - These are best saved for rares and exotics, and you're highly unlikely to get 75 of them in a short period of time so 2, or even all 3, can be kept in the bank until you need them.

Teleport to Friend - Keep in inventory in case you need it.

Ley-Infused Lodestone - Keep it in the bank until you actually want to hunt down an Anomaly.

I'm not sure what the next item is.

Encoded Orders - If you still need/want to do the bounties then use them, if not then just delete them, you can always get more from any bandit.

Mystic Forge Stones - Keep in the bank until you actually want to use them. Applies to this item even more than any of the others because these can only be used at the Mystic Forge which is right next to the bank.

Silverwastes Shovels - Keep in the bank until you're going to Silverwastes, or make a special trip just to get rid of them and the keys.

Pact Crowbar - Go to Verdant Brink and use them up.

Silky Sand - If you have more than 10 then use it (double click), if you have less than 10 and aren't planning to visit Silverwastes or Drytop today delete it. You can get more very easily.

Bandit Deathmark - If you've not yet completed the achievement then combine it with the Encoded Orders and go find a Bandit Executioner. If you've done the achievement then just delete it.

Marriner's Horn - Keep in inventory in case you want it.

Philosopher's Stone - These can only be used in the Mystic Forge so you can keep them in the bank until you need them.

Not sure what that key is, I thought it was the Dwarven Key used to open a mini-dungeon but that's basic rarity and this one is rare.

Bandit Crest? - Again I'm not completely sure that's what it is, but if so you should be able to double-click it and it will go into the Wallet.

Levvi's Device - Keep it in the bank until you want to go looking for a Bloodstone creature.

(Mystic?) Salvage Kit - Keep in inventory for salvaging.

Runes & Sigils - Use them if they've got good stats for you, if not sell them. You can always get more later if you need them.

Gossamer Patch - If you need them for crafting then keep them in the bank (you don't even need to withdraw them to craft with). If not sell them. You can always make/buy more later.

I'm not sure what the next two are, but they look like PoF consumables, in which case you can double click to get rid of them.

Exalted Key - Go to Auric Basin, do the meta-event and then use the keys to open all the chests in the cavern under Tarir. It might take 2 rounds of the meta to use them all (and you'll get more as you go along) but you'll get a lot of good items from it - which you can sell or salvage.

Not sure what the next one is.

Eyes of Kormir - These will be able to go into Material Storage soon. For now keep them or sell them.

Not sure what these are called but they look like a PoF consumable, you should be able to just double click them to use them up.

Treasure Map Go to a PoF map and use it to find a treasure chest.

Recipe Book - Use it to choose a recipe. Either one you want to learn or one you can sell. Chances are none of them are worth much so you can always pick one, sell it and then if you find you need one later on you can buy it.

Empyreal Fragments - Click the cog wheel in the corner of your inventory then click Deposit All Materials to send these and all other crafting materials to your storage space. If you already have more than 250 either delete them (you can get more just as easily), craft them into the higher tier version so you can store more or get one of the items that can turn them into random loot.

Not sure what the next two are.

Ley-Infused Sands - These will be stored in Material Storage soon. Until then just hold onto them or sell them.

Logging Axe - Keep it until you need to use it (unless you only have 1 character and an infinite axe, in which case delete it).

Red Ring of Death - Equip it if you want Beserker stats, store it in the bank if you want to equip it on a character who is not yet level 80, or salvage it.

Large Bones - Deposit to Materials if you can, if you've filled it then just sell them.

Bandit Skeleton Keys - Go to Silverwastes and use them. Can be combined with the shovels to clear both items together.

Exotic Luck - Double click to convert it to Magic Find. If you've already maxed magic find then just delete it.

Ascended Gloves - Use them if they've got good stats, store them in the bank if they've got good stats for a character which is not yet level 80, and if not salvage them.

Rare Equipment Chests - I'm guessing carapace armour from Silverwastes. Open them, choose a skin you don't have unlocked and then salvage the item. If you've already got them all unlocked then choose medium armour because leather is currently worth more than metal or cloth.

Essence of Nightmares - Either combine them with Bandit Skeleton Keyes and then go to the Labyrinth under Silverwastes to use them or just delete them, you can always get more easily.

Milling Stones - Deposit to materials. If you've already got 250 sell them.

Ascended recipe book - Choose a recipe you want to learn and learn it, or if there's none you want choose one to sell and sell it. (Maybe check the prices first, some are worth far more than others.)

Barbed Thorns, Elder Wood and Mithril Ore - Deposit to materials, or if you've already got 250 (and 250 of the refined wood and ore) sell them.

Chak weapon - Salvage it to unlock the skin and get some crafting materials to deposit or sell.

4 kind of loot boxes - Open them, then use, sell or salvage the contents.

Broken Caladbolg - Do the collection to get an ascended weapon.

Unidentified Dye - Sell it or double click to identify it and then double click again to add it to your unlocked dyes or sell it.

In brief: There is very little here you need to keep, and even less you need to keep with you at all times. Most items could be sold or used up right away. Especially the various keys - there's no benefit to keeping them longer than necessary, the loot isn't going to get better because you've carried the key around for ages, so you may as well use them now and free up the space.

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@Veprovina.4876 said:

@Zaltys.7649 said:Recipes are account-wide now, have been for a while. So you should really just use those (and sell duplicates).

You mean i can "learn" an armorsmithing recipe on my character that only has Tailor/Artificer and my other characters (even if they don't have the necessary requirement) will know them?

Yep! :)

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I've legit stopped playing both times because of inventory clutter becoming such a nuisance. And it is a huge turn off for friends.

If it was just junk, and clutter that is easy to get rid of. Who cares! But....when you have to spend an actual large chunk of the game clearing out your inventory of nonsense? That is when it becomes unfun.

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@Danikat.8537 said:snip the long post

Thanks! I'll try to clean up my inventory that way. But anything you see here i can't double click like you suggested, those items are just "there" for no apparent reason. But your post will help me get rid of a few spaces. And i don't have the caladbolg anymore damnit, i didn't know i can craft something with it... Oh well...

Ok, so when i learn the bank recipes and sort out my inventory i'll post another screenshot, see how that goes.

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@Moyayuki.3619 said:I have no idea why the stone Dwarven thumb is an item that doesn't disappear from your inventory after you've done what you needed to with it in LWS3. Those are the types of inventory clutter that bug me. I never know if I should delete an item like that or hold onto it.

Same with the Nuhoch wrangler (The trumpet). Like, what am i supposed to do with that? It served it's purpose in the story, now what?Same with the collection items. Some people tell me to save them because i'll need some of the collection parts to unlock the collection, other people tell me i only need to unlock individual pieces and i can vendor them/salvage them... And nowhere in game does it say what i'm supposed to do with them.

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I thought it got especially out of control in HOT, and when I got to POF I was relieved when I saw the "random equipment" item, because I thought it might help at least get rid of the junk equipment build up.

But then they added those karma consumables that don't stack and other crap, and the Junk Wars are worse than ever. Junk management takes a significant amount of gameplay time, and it doesn't seem like they're solving the issue. POF gives off the impression that they're handling it, but it's actually just doubling down.

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Well, i "sorted" out my inventory and it only took me an hour and a half. Not fun. And i'll have to do it again soon. Not to mention, my other alts are packed along with my bank. That only leaves me with 20 items that cannot be sold to vendors or used, and another 20 that are overflow from deposit storage (along with some other stuff like weapons to switch). So that's again, 2 bags full of stuff.

Here's the screenshot:


Stuff in the bag (left to right then new row):

Teleport to friend - ok, keepingXP booster - will use soonBandit death mark - for achievement, you have to keep it and when you kill the executioner you get an item which again takes spaceNuhoch Warbler - double click to call Nuhoch scouts. What? Beyond the story what purpose does this serve? In game explanation?Trader's Key - you have to keep those to open chestTarnished Key - you have to keep those to open chest in another mapPact scout mapping material - guildmates told me to get those, i'll /wiki those laterExalted key - yet another key to keep to open a chest on yet another mapPact crowbar - kind of a key to open a chest on a map that previous 3 keys don't open (and i'm not even counting Tangled depths and Dragon stand keys)Mystic Salvage kit - don't know what to do with forge stones so i craft those. good valuePiles of silky sand - ok, click get stuff, can do without -1 space to consider (i forgot to remove them before screenshot and i'm lazy to take another)Silverwastes shovel - a key to dig up a chest that Treasure hunting kit finds so that you can use Bandit skeleton keys to open themNightmare key - combine with another key to get yet another different keyMilling Stones - can't deposit them but i'm keeping them, i think i need those for that oil thing2 runes - -2 slots to considerMini professor mew - collect 3 to make another one, keepingMithril ore - keeping, it's coming and going all the time anyway, mehWrit of experience - source of spirit shards, but you can't just get a shard, this is a currency item which also has a useless use. gain a small amount of experience or wait a bit and get a level up/spirit shard. hmmm... why isn't this a currency item?Axe - i'm so not paying 35€ for gathering tools. HoT cost me less and that's a whole expansion. like what the actual "kitten"???Ley infused sand - supposedly this'll get a spot in the storage so ok for nowEyes of Kormir - same as aboveCasino Coins - same as writs of experience, why isn't this in wallet? who the hell cares about mastery experience, you can just grind events for that.*5 bounty notices** - going to that NPC in Divinity's reach actually made that clutter worse because now i have 5 kittening items cluttering my inventory and i have to go do the events now

Collapsed bags are empty.

Invisible bag:

Here i put stuff that i get all the time so to avoid going to the bank all the time i let it accumulate here, and also i store weapons and stuff to switch as needed.

So, now that's done... I'm still cluttered like hell. And the point is not even that i don't have bag space, like, i'll go to a vendor sooner than i would have by not using more bags which are also too expensive for their gem cost, i can buy a whole LS3 season for 1 bag space, that's 5 or so more maps and content! How is that compareable?

There's layers upon layers of junk items here that you can't get rid of because you need them. And even if you use them you still get more wether you like it or not. Why do you think i have 160 cowbars. Cause i hoard them? No, i go to VB, walk around collecting cargo and suddenly i brush off against a mob that was part of an event and i'm awarded a crowbar. Not that i'm complaining about those, there's good loot there. But does every map need to have it's own "loot finding thing in your inventory"? Just look at the silverwastes one. You need 3 things just to open a chest. What???

So i cleaned my inventory to the max and there's still a ton of clutter. Less clutter, but still junk clutter items that you need to hoard with you.And i only wasted about an hour changing alts and rearranging bank/inventory/alt space that i could have used to actually play the game i paid for.

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I'm unsure why you keep depositable materials in your bags (you don't even have to go to the bank to deposit them). If your material storage in the bank is full, why not sell off half of the total on the TP? It's not like you won't gather plenty more. Those Bandit Marks are so easily obtained, you could just get rid of them, until you want to do the 'quest'. If you really want to open up several slots, obtain one (or more) of the ascended material 'eaters' and feed those materials to them for loot. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Converter

Good luck.

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Inventory management is I think the worst part of GW2. Even if you have a 2000 slot bag it will not solve the problem! You will still get a lot of junk, and the large bag only delays the inevitable opening , salvaging, selling, storing, etc. Inventory and loot system needs to be redesigned to avoid the hassle we experience, large bags will not solve it.

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I think the one thing this game needs is a "key chain" bag, where we get exactly 10 slots (or however is appropriate given the number of "key" items that exist in the game), and let that bag be account wide, but you can't store anything else except key items there. Plus, they can sell more key space if anyone wants, or make the bag have just enough slots for all the available key items in the world, but it's not account wide, every character has their own. Then they can sell the "account wide unlock" for gems.

It's a win-win. We get less clutter (even if it is the current system with layers of keys upon keys upon "trophy's" that unlock NPC quests (keys), so...How about it Anet? give us a key chain. We already have a wallet, and seeing as how we're bombarded with so much key items, we really need a key chain to put them in.

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@"Inculpatus cedo.9234" said:I'm unsure why you keep depositable materials in your bags (you don't even have to go to the bank to deposit them). If your material storage in the bank is full, why not sell off half of the total on the TP? It's not like you won't gather plenty more. Those Bandit Marks are so easily obtained, you could just get rid of them, until you want to do the 'quest'. If you really want to open up several slots, obtain one (or more) of the ascended material 'eaters' and feed those materials to them for loot. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Converter

Good luck.

I'll take a look at the converter, but i don't want to spend any unnecesary crafting ingredients that i'll need later. My storage is full and they pile up until they reach a stack limit, but even then, i just get another of that exact item at some randomtime and they'll just pile up again. This is not a solution tbh... I don't know what is, but materials are not really my concern, they have their various uses, but keys have only one use, and others can be categorized as "quest items" so why don't we have dedicated key chain and "quest item" bag. I could even do without the bag for trophy quest items, but a key chain separate bag would do wonders in reducing clutter.

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@JVJD.4912 said:Well looking at your pic i can already see you don't bother sorting it out for example , You have deposit-able items in your bags, if you are full sell it or use the bltc as a bank whose gonna buy your t5s for 2 silver each ??

Listing stuff on TP costs money, I'm not gonna list an overpriced thing just so I can pretend bank it. Also, this is not a solution or the point that I use few of my bag spaces for stuff I want to carry with me. The point is all the extra items that are usable only on 1 map or thing.

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Inventory management has always been an issue in MMORPGs. Unfortunately, it's really just an excuse to get people to purchase extra bag and bank slots. Thankfully, we are given the option to do this with gold. If you can't farm the gold or don't want to spend the money, consider making "mule" characters that just hold extra stuff that you may not want to use right now/in the near future.

If you find that to be too much trouble, then I really don't know how to help.

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Inventory management was one of the reasons I stopped playing EQ2. Dozen alts, each of them ended up with hundreds of items in their bank and house vaults. There was no account-wide wardrobe, so I hoarded appearance gear and such. Dozens and dozens of quest items too. Spent whole day trying to organize it for a single character, barely scratched the surface and then decided to quit.

Compared to that, inventory management in GW2 is pretty simple. Only one who's having trouble is my chef, who has his inventory full of dishes that seem to be useful for recipe discovery... just haven't figured out what I'm missing, and I'm too stubborn to look those up on the wiki.

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