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Killed Eater of souls - Go to leave, end up at The Departing start


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So I'm playing solo I did everything and struggled for a long time on this fight (Eater of souls). Finished it. Huzzah! Joko gives me his speech. I see the green star indicating where the exit is. Go towrads it. Loading screen! Hurray! My hands hurt, I need a break... wait a minute, The Departing? Why this again? Go up, good ol' Balth shows up. Sonofa! It's restarting me? Hours gone. Are you kidding me?! I play solo. I don't whine, man, but this sucked the life out of me just now. I did it! And now... I have to redo it. And I just dont have the energy. I'm sad. What. The. Heck.

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