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[EU][PvX] ~ Broken Solitude is looking for you!


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Hello everyone,

Thank you for checking this thread out! Let us give you a brief introduction.Broken Solitude [sol] is a former raid guild that has been inactive for quite some time now. We are looking to rebuild the guild and are moving away from being a raid-only squad, transitioning into overall PvX.

Who is Broken Solitude?The guild was formed in 2016 by Da Wizuuurd (24) and me, Rangpur (22), two long- time Guild Wars 2 friends who come from the PvP scene. With the release of Heart of Thorns and the introduction of raids our interest in PvE rose until we eventually founded a raid team. Since then, many members, including us, have taken breaks from the game until the team eventually disbanded. With Path of Fire just released, we are looking to fill the ranks with new members of all kinds who are wanting to enjoy the game together with us.

Da Wizuuurd and I are players who have experience in all game modes. We used to be very dedicated to whichever game mode we played most actively at the time. However, no we are wanting to move away from hardcore gameplay and are wanting to simply build a great community. We hope to find many new players, maybe even ones who just started the game with the release of the Path of Fire expansion.

What is our vision for the guild?The guild is sort of in its infancy at the moment but mid-term what we would like to do with the guild are things of all different sorts. Here are a few, just to give you a taste.

  • Open world events (new PoF maps, HoT maps, Silverwastes, Dry Top, World Bosses, etc.)
  • Guild missions on a weekly basis
  • Building up and decoration our guild hall
  • Fractals of all levels
  • Raids
  • Dungeons
  • PvP
  • World vs. World… and of course ERP.

Who are we looking for?Primarily, we are looking for people who are interested in growing something new together with us. We are accepting of players of any level, whether they be veteran players, returning players, or brand new players. Besides that, we are looking for friendly people who are mature and social. For voice communication we use discord. Since we are very used to communicating a lot from or PvP and raid times, we use voice chat a lot and would appreciate if everyone actively participated in voice chat with us, especially during guild activities.

Building up something from nothing can and most likely will take time until it eventually turns into something great. If creating something yourself sounds like a great idea to you, then you might just be the right fit for the guild.

How can I apply?You can apply by either sending me a private message on here or by sending Da Wizuuurd.4682 or Rangpur.9371 a mail in-game and we will then invite you on the discord for a little chat. In case you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


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