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Beast of war reward


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did the story "beast of war" in a party where someone else opened, didnt get the final reward including the elonian shoulder box.

also, after finishing all path of fire stories, my path of fire: act 2 mastery completed itself, despite missing 3 achievements, didnt get the [Goren's Eel-Tooth Charm].

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Had sent a ticket a while back exactly about this. Basically they are aware of this issue. What you want to do is rerun the instance either solo or with you as instance owner and you should get the reward. That at least also worked for me.

This was the exact full response I got:

Hello Commander,

Thanks for getting in touch with us about not receiving your Elonian Armor Box from the Path of Fire story. I wanted to let you know that we are currently aware of the issues revolving this armor box not being granted. We are working on a fix for this currently but as a work around we ask that you try and run the corresponding story instance as the instance owner (Either Solo or you open the mission for your party). This should grant the Armor box that you are missing without any issues.

This workaround was founded by a few players who reported this issue very early on. If this workaround doesn’t work for you however, please feel free to let me know so we can ask you some further questions to help with our investigation. Thanks in advance! I look forward to your response. ♥Regards,

Senior GM HeartGuild Wars 2 Support Team

Hope it helps, it did for me :)

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Sorry for digging an old grave, but the issue is still here. I was the instance owner, and did war beast alongside two friends. I didn't get the shoulder armor box, nor did a friend of mine. Only the third one got it.

EDIT : I redid the instance using the purple star thing, and I got it. I did it again for my friend as owner, and he still hasn't got it.

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