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The 13th King and Queen's Horrorween (2018) - The Bell Tolls

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                                                                              MAD KING THORN - DANIEL FROZENWIND - MAD QUEEN MALAFIDE                                                                                                                                    PRESENT


Time: 27th October, 6pm CESTGame world: Tyria / Lion’s Arch / EU Servers


Come one, come all to The 13th King and Queen's Horrorween!

Tyria's oldest community event returns to the Guild Wars franchise for it's ominous 13th anniversary.

The Snowman King on behalf of her majesty Mad Queen Malafide cordially invites you all to attend this grand Halloween caper.

Featuring the famous costume contest, live in-game bands and fan favourite activities you have all come to know and love!It is not be missed, we bring frights and delights!

This year, we are going back to our roots (or is that thorns?) opting for a stripped back, personal event for players.We hope everyone who attends will truly enjoy Halloween at it's best in Tyria.


Although Halloween has lain dormant, there comes a time.When revellers awaken, and hear the bell chime.Ghouls stir in patchwork beds and skeletons arise from dusty tombs.Drawn by the Horror, this magic - the greatest of boons.

The Mad Monarch Thorn, calls to one and all.Away from Palawa, and the tar of his thrall.With him stands Malafide, Queen supreme.And an Old Snowman, a merry one indeed.

They wait for you to arrive, beneath the cold Mad Moon.For the 13th tradition - is bound to begin soon.So linger a while, under the pale moonlight.The Horrorween is here, it's time to fright and delight!


18:00 | Ghost Train & Gathering18:30 | Grand Entrance in Pumpkin Plaza19:00 | The Broken Portal / Wickerman’s Riddles19:30 | Lunatic Royale, The War for Tricks-Or-Treats!20:00 | The Summoning of the Ghostly Quartet / Wickerman’s Riddle20:30 | Last is First21:00 | Dhuumsday / Wickerman’s Riddle21:30 | Ecto-Bowl22:00 | The Attire of Autumnal Awesome / Wickerman’s Riddles22:30 | Night Flight & The Tower of Terror23:00 | Skullduggery / Wickerman’s Riddle23:30 | The Wickerwind Bonfire and the arrival of Mad King Thorn!00:00 | Award Ceremony - Community Spirit - International Raffle00:30 | Infamous After-party


How do I take part?

  • The event shall be held on EU servers, in Lion’s Arch, on the 27th of October, starting at 6pm CEST!
  • All you have to do is attend, take part in the festivities, and fabulous prizes will be in store for you.

Help, I’m not on an EU server, or I can’t make it!

  • Not to worry! There are other ways to take part in the festivities, we have a fabulous raffle that you can join.
  • A work around is to create a free account, if you win anything big at the event we will gladly mail it to your main account!

We hope to see you soon. Enjoy our little Halloween Easter Egg below. ;)horrorween-pose-small.jpg

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Pick a number between 1 and 100, and we’ll randomly draw five winners from that list, during the event.Just pick one number and your character name, and post in this thread which number you’ve chosen.You can’t take a number that has already been picked, and one number per account.Some folks may receive a different number automatically, if they choose a number that is already taken.Without a character name, we can’t send you the prize.Make sure you spell it right.And yes, US players can take part as well!

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The Attire of Autumnal Awesome Costume ContestThis year we have another costume contest of course.Our ghastly group of judges will be lending their dark votes to this tradition.Best male, female, and "Ugly Stick" win special prizes and maybe something exclusive from the gem store! Dress your spookiest!

THE COMMUNITY SPIRIT AWARDWe have a Legendary prize in store for one Tyrian (but it is a secret, and anyone who knew about the prize has been buried alive).Simply attend the event to have a shot at this prize.

SCAVENGER HUNTA masterfully witty scavenger hunt to re-build the Wickerman, presented in five stages throughout the pre-event.The first person to successfully gather the parts required will be rewarded in a big way!

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1 Creiw.16592 Tenrai Senshi.20173 lucvw.60254 Misty.16525 Azzumy.76856 Mystrious Poetjuh.82737 koffein.93748 Chris McSwag.46839 grevinnatosseri.205310 The Fool.143911Talithan Heartwood.192412 Alatar.736413 Rynam.876214 Leo.512415 Partakias.360816 abandoned.507317 Marko.321818 Sapphirine.102319 Megis.926420 Goremaw.510421 jewelss.174222 flarezi.938123 fluffycat.760124 Gmefreak.802525 Mirao.586226 JamaineEra.136927 Soren.931628 UberBeir.302629 Raknar.473530 Teratus.285931 derd.641332 crazyzombies.274533 vangual.902734 Lienzable.672835 Seraphix.376236 akase.842037 Krismaz.125038 stuffles.673439 DaRoto.968440 Karumetta.364041 Sabre The Second.427342 AlexisToran.571943 taburon.165444 kiyona.150845 Baisi.208646 Urud.492547 DANI.482548 Lavith.893049 tirre.421950 Axxellerate.475851 tornade veloce.159352 shaxx.540353 Fishhy.605854 Diobolica.852355 sirsmiter.743656 KristaL.745857 Finexen.378958 tofight for.419259 Shelby.346060 treentje.852961 Maaru.526362 Izamaiya.270963 Shiaya.659364 Tortellini.219765 Sophiia.631066 hugo.470567 Kami.740268 hehir.415069 Mouja.813070 Dhel.985271 iiTron.780272 Ravage.825773 Talon.953274 Super Tireur.432875 Vran.719376 Heytukan.502477 Yoshi.938078 Jogin.172679 Irfan.289780 Birman.170581 RedSparrow.935082 Arquak.570283 Nimmie Nomad.631584 monkeyfighter.670185 Hellschream.481286 null.243687 Sintara.529788 Chimera Doll.718489 Palantai.510890 Mordiego.730291 Beck.349692 Nansen.463193 Piieuw.583494 Juka.907595 Shne.295496 spinerek.125097 SirPuddlesworth.678398 Zarroc.901899 Eternalfly.3025100 The Birthday Massacre.1327

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