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[Suggestion] Weave Self and Perfect Weave


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I've been playing with this skill and think it can be improved. Here are some changes for the Elite skill

  • swap the duration of weave self and perfect weave. So you have 10s to quickly gather all the attunements, and then 20s of perfect weave.
  • Woven Fire: 20% condi dmg, burns you apply deal 10% increased dmg.
  • Woven Air: 50% movement speed, 10% attack speed;
  • Woven Water: 20% boon duration, 20% outgoing healing;
  • Woven Earth: 320 toughness, -50% CC duration;
  • Perfect weave: all the above for 20s
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I agree that the effects of Weave Self should be better - right now I think that the only good thing is the CD reduction the rest you are better off with FGS.

In addition, what I would like to see is to substantially buff the damage of the AoE Float and make it a pull to the center. This I think helps to set up a nice burst.

In fact, they could even keep the minor damage, but make it a float and a pull right at the start of the skill so that you can use the CD reduction to instantly start a big burst combo.

That I feel would make for a very interesting skill and at the end you could perhaps have the elite cast an AoE push.

It would feel like:ele breathes in pulling enemies close, enters into a frenzy of elements state and breathes out push its foes away.

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