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New Content Issue- Condition damage


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I have played the PvE and PvP and I usually follow the metabuilds stringently. I felt no need to ever make a forum account, but there is a great big and glaring issue that is now upsetting me too much to ignore.

The condition damage being placed onto me even on the old content is just knocking me dead. I had a problem before with not being able to be creative or fun with my build but I can't even survive by stripping the conditions any longer. The conditions do too much damage per tick before I can acknowledge them and just as I remove them I end up being helpless to the very next one cast on me.

I don't find it very fun to be cornered into a specific set of traits because I can't survive. It makes me feel like "what is the point?" when all the other skill trees aren't working even in the older content.

At first I thought it may be the cool down timer delay for the new skills because nothing reduces the cool downs fast enough to retaliate in accordance to all the damage I was receiving.

The biggest glaring issue with the game right now is I can't play ANY smart build that should work without melting. I should be able to survive a fight through half the health of my enemy even with a skill tree set that is not intuitively great. One that has decent synergy no matter whether or not it has condition stripping should be able to survive, but... You can't.

PvP it could work somehow because everyone fairly has to deal with the same thing, but I still feel like it is predominately damaging to this game for it to pigeonhole us into one specific thing. I hate WoW for this. Please don't dare be WoW because you have something fundamentally better.

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