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Hello and welcome to GW2!As it is your first toon, resist the urge to spend the instant L80 boost and go through normal levelong process

Thay way you gradually unlock mechanics, skills and traits and lesrn them

Before hitting L80 - Focus on keeping gear with POWER main and then precision

GS (GreatSword) has good utility and mobility and LB (Longbow) is good to keep your distance from danger.

Make sure to look for JUVENILE pets as those are the ones you can tame

I'd suggest focusing on Shouts, Signets as skills and the Beastmastery and Marksmanship trait lines first as well.

I'd advise AGAINST spending ressources on gear for now, it drops so often!

Once you're level 80, message me and I'll further assist you

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  • Salvage all gear you don't need to accumulate materials but also unlock skins
  • Always carry gathering tools and gather nodes whenever you see them
  • Take time to test out other skills, traits and weapons when you get them - they may fit your playstyle better, or simply be more fun for you
  • Best crafting disciplines are LEATHERWORKER (medium armour), HUNTSMAN (bows, torch, warhorn), WEAPONSMITH (axe, dagger, sword, greatsword)
  • Make sure to complete your dailies as often as possible for easy 2 gold and additional rewards!
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