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Power Mirage

R E F L H E X.8413

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Damage seems missing when youre fighting something tanky 1v1 however if you try to stick to fighting three people at a time in a teamfight at mid you can get lots of cleaves on them using gsword ambush powerspike and the rest of the gsword skills before going in for a axe or sword attack and stealthing finishing them off (if using sword use the protection instead of axe trait).

Some games its just tearing through teams as a whole. You want your powerspike and cleaves to hit atleast 3 people and your single target damage is hitting three people. I've been saving my first jaunts when I know lyssa is up for when I go in with either sword or axe and then stealth out a lot of the time you are condi bombed and can jaunt it off while leaving mid stealthed. It seems like people started recognizing this and playing sides on me sometimes to split my cleave.

I'm not claiming it to be the best build personally I think all builds are pretty bad right now due to survivability (no celesital ammy). With gsword use the ambush from far range as often as possible wasting dodge if youre on a ledge. Gets around 360k damage on good games about 10 min long. Keep using both powerspikes and recharge mantra you will have time to do that when camping gsword and stealth.

You can give suggestions. I'd also run it with paladin ammy for more survivability which should help some in 1v1s but right now in this meta ive been testing marauders.

I dont like the mesmer on this game but gsword is my favorite weapon on what we do have so thats what i play reguardless of its inferiority.

Normally does less than this in this game there was two minutes leftg0ghfNn.png

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