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Got the Looking-for-Guild blues? There's [HOPE] for you yet! PvX / Raids / RP [NA][TC]

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Looking for an active family friendly guild? We welcome players of ALL skill level. From Guild missions to RP to Progression raiding. HOPE offers everything you could want in a close knit guild with the support of a large community. If you are interested in other games likes ESO, SWTOR or WOW you will find a home at Remnants of Hope!

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Been in the guild for two months and certainly feels like home. I have been a part of several guilds in other MMOs that could not keep a single gaming community together much less even think about a multi-MMO gaming community, but RoH excels at it!!! Sign up for a two week trial soon and attend the community meeting at the beginning of the month. If you want to have your mind blown having over 100 people on TS and listening to what all the other MMO communities in the guild are doing. It is AMAZING!!!

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