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Need Solo PvE Scourge Help


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I'm just a casual, part-time player. I pretty much stick to solo PvE content. Having only played power reaper -- not condi -- I have no idea how to approach scourge. Now that I have the required 250 hero points to do so, what I really need help with is:

Build suggestion with specific trait linesGear & runesWeapons & sigilsBest skills for solo PvE survivability

Thanks in advance for any and all information. It's much appreciated.

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Build:Curses: 2, 2, 1Spite: 1, 1, 2 (in which case you main Wand/Torch) or Soul Reaping: 2, 2, 3 (in which case you main Staff)Scourge: 2, 2, 2


  • full Viper's armor set with Superior Runes of the Berserker (although you might want to go with Superior Runes of the Scourge instead, I still had the Berserker ones left over from my previous non-Reaper build, so I can't really say whether other Runes might be more efficient for this build)
  • full Viper's weapon set: (1) Wand (Superior Sigil of Geomancy) + Torch (Superior Sigil of Force), (2) Staff (Superior Sigil of Malice, Superior Sigil of Force)

Skills:6: Sand Flair7: Dessicate8: Serpent Siphon9: Trail of Anguish10: Ghastly Breach.

Edit: In addition, you might want to ask in the Necromancer subforum.

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