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so.. Moa's

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I was just thinking and I got .. probably the strangest thought.

Exactly how dangerous are Moas?

I mean, I tried looking for them, but I couldn't find a single instance of a dragon corrupted, awakened, animated, or otherwise amalgamated Moa of any kind.Literally the only magical thing that has ever dared messing with Moas are the Bloodstone residues, and thats probably only because they're a nonsapient force of nature.

So.. why aren't we prepping Moas for the next dragon war? not even Zhaitan or Kralkatorrik dared mess with them

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If they're anything like the Cassowary they could be extremely dangerous when provoked. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassowary

I know it's silly but I'm convinced that my black moa is more aggressive than other pets. They'll all charge off after something I didn't even notice attacked us occasionally, but I swear Slash does it more often and will chase them 1/2 way across the map if I let him.

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I know it is quite close to a certain other MMORPG which was also praised to be our successor. But on the other hand, we have got mounts, ridiculously large shoulder-pads, giant heads, the monkey king, and countless other more or less popular copy-cats from other games and genres anyway.

So, can we get a moa-skin for the raptor?

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@Jethro.9376 said:

@NanoEliteSixSixSix.8935 said:Moas can't be all that dangerous. I've lost count of how many I've killed with minimal effort over the years.

Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

Australia lost a war to emus...just sayin

Then we shall simply have to redouble our efforts. Come on, everyone! These moas aren't going to kill themselves!

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