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Looking for a guild EU piken sq


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Hello there,

We are a PvX guild, while some of us do PvP daily (myself included) the main focus do remain in PvE. We are friendly and social guild (I do believe it is our strongest points) always there to help guildies around and for sure we do not mind misspellings....I am not sure if we notice those :D ....plus recently we have a lot of not native English speakers (myself included) so perfect grammar is not what we are know of :D.If you like to read more about us, you can do it here https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/48730/eu-tr-tek-rangers-small-casual-guild/p1If you have any questions/concerns do not hesitate to contact me here/in game or drop a message on discord Lustfulanger#5633

Hope to see you around and have a great day!

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