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Quickness on Shiro swap.


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So, the question is fairly simple: While doing some pvp I noticed I was getting 1s quickness when swapping to Shiro, and I can't figure out where it comes from. Could anyone tell me? I was running Roiling Mists so it is not coming from Song of the Mists -in fact, testing it I noticed I got 2s running SotM.

Here is a link to the build I was using at that moment: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vlAQNAscin3guNSuQ7JRboVlsP0rS4IaWJ4EdsklNFqNAHoB2DsgPk9Lp5NA-jZROAByfEAAY/hiPFA9WGY9HAAA

In the sources of quickness you can see Legend swapping to Shiro is not among them. Thank you very much in advance!

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It’s been like this from the beginning for Revanent, I believe. (At least in the released game, not sure about the beta testing.)

A big part of playing Revanent is maximizing sigil swaps. You can ideally get close to double the procs, when compared to other classes, by properly timing both weapon and legend swaps.

You can also intentionally stack 4x procs by timing a Legend->weapon swap. This is better for WvW though, with the PvE sigils there.

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