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(Help?) Desert Highlands Insight: The Tombs


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So there is this one mastery point in the Desert Highlands in "Tomb of the Primeval Kings". When I tried to get up there on the pillar where the mastery is, the only way that I ended up finding myself was needing to leave the map from inside the tomb which just didn't seem right. Not if I had to glide in order to get to mastery, with you guys saying "This isn't about gliding, that was for Heart of Thorns, I kinda refuse to get it unless I am told offically that this is the way to get it (basicly leaving the map).

I finally caved in and went to go look for guides on how to get this mastery and they all ended up the same, leave the map, which just isn't at all right... I can't do that, does anyone know how to legitimately get this mastery? I refuse to get it by leaving the map unless ANet says "No yeah thats how ya get it".

Sorry this was a bit of a rant, I just want to know, and really need some help

Thank you for your time even if you dont respond.

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