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Do I really want/need Malice sigils on my weap?


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Sup, guys!

This is my build below... I run full viper ascended gear, runes of renegade, and I am getting now spiteful +9 agony infusion from fractals. Got already 5, 13 to go. The only thing I say is different from meta build is the sigils I usually run with. I like using sigil of bursting on my axe and I use sigil of corruption on my torch, since I hardly die and that gives me a good condi dmg during all instanced fights. my pistol I use sigil of energy to give me that extra dodge that I think I need and is also enough for my runs through fractals and raids.My question really is?Do you guys really think I should switch my Axe sigil for malice? would that make me stronger in fractals as example, where the fights aren't that long or raids? or bursting and corruption would give the good burst I need?.I am not good at doing some in game maths, but I wonder if having that amount of expertise without this sigil and all that condition dmg from the sigils I use wouldnt be better than the actual meta.It is like wanting some good arguments to convince me to switch my sigils ^^.


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So. Sigil of malice is in the build to achieve 100% condition duration. Without it you lose 5 percant of total duration. If I am correct (not sure) then each condition tick every second. For example if you apply 2 seconds of burning and have 100% condi duration the total is 4 seconds and 4 ticks but if you have only 90% condition duration you apply only 3.8 seconds and so only 3 ticks -> you deal 25 percent less damage. You lose much more than any condition damage sigil can give you.

That beeing said if in the previous example target die (or is close to) after 3 ticks, then condi damage is better.

Basucaly condition damage=burst and condi duration=dps. It depends what is more important.

Same can be applied to energy sigil, in longer fights you will lose huge amount of dps by having only one but in shorter (when you cannot swap 2 times) another sigil might be more powerful.

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