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Gofundme for a pvp based worker?


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So we all know pvp is just horrible but keep playing because there aren't that of great alternatives as of yet. Being so we are here and enjoy the game to a point. Since there is no support at all for the pvp aspect side of gw2 i was curious if others like me would even be willing to put up some money to hire on a actual full time employee dedicated to pvp and not just making flashy skins

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@phokus.8934 said:OP not understanding crowd sourcing nor how the real world works?

Shocking in this sub forum...

NOR that pvp was dead since they ruined the meta tho... sPvP was alive before they thought making bunker spec was a good idea. The biggest indicator of the bad pvp state was the World tournament ... long and boring games all over the place.

Since that failure, not too much fundings were granted to sPvP developpement

It's fair. Ppl get bored. The gamemode is not interesting enough to the player base so why keep throwing money at it? But content is coming ... let's hope.

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I dont think money is the issue. There a company of 200+ developers. If they wanted to do pvp related upgrades they would, but they just dont want to. There doing the bare minimum for pvp developement since day one. After 2v2 is deployed i dont expect any pvp urgrades ever again. This game will never in a million years be what its predecessor was. There is no communication with the developers on pvp development. So there must not be any. You took the title of guild wars but have no guild wars after 6 years.The development of 2v2 system should just be the start after that theres needs to be a 10v10 system for guilds i feel.

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