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Help me in Choosing a Class :)

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Hey everyone i have made this poll because i've been having a bit of trouble choosing a class to spend most of my time on.

I have made other posts about this and i got really helpful info from them :)

After having a think i have decided to choose between the classes in this pollI will be mainly focusing on PvE, Raids, Fractals, and WvW.I would like to take on a dps role but you still enjoy the class.

If you want to put why you voted for that class please do, it will help me out :)

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Thief and ranger dont have very good value in wvw zergs, but ele is quite weaker in roaming. All 3 are great in pve.

Please stop making these threads, you're already getting tons of answers from each one, but seems like it's pointless. If it makes you choose easier just delete all characters and stick to one. I honestly dont understand what's the problem.

In the end you can just play different class for different content, since picking just one obviously isnt your goal.

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