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Elixir Gun, is it any good as a weapon?


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Eg is , imho, the best kit we have now. It is a great uility kit . Damage in power and in condi is not that bad . It is not a damage oriented kit but EG Auto, eg 2 and eg 4 are not that bad too . On the other end EG 4 is great in 1vs 1 for outlplacing . If you are playing core engi for outplacing you can use only eg 4 or rocket boots but i find eg much better for what the kit puts on the table. Eg can be used to clean condi , to do damage. In my opinion , now, it is one of the best kit engi has. I tried to play for fun core condi engi and i find easier to do well with Eg rather than with ft .... for condi cleaning and for eg 4 .

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I think it is one of the best kits. It also got the least complains about it.It was never considered a heavy damage kit and people are ok with that. For some time, auto-attack was better than pistol-auto for condi-builds. Personally I use it in most builds as an support option.

It has a low-CD stunbreak on toolbelt that grants AoE-regeneration. It's also an elixir if I remember correctly, so HGH and Tools will decrease its CD. That alone is already a reason to consider it.For Roaming EG-1 applies constantly weakness, which I like to use against warriors.Now EG-2 is faster and you can hit & cripple people. Nice to have, but not essential.EG-3 can remove 25 conditions from allies in under 3 seconds with a 12s CD. It's one of the core skills in any support build. It shines in any group-content where there's heavy condi-pressure (WvW zergs, group-roaming, group-PvP). If you're alone it's not really great ;)EG-4 has a really high theoretical damage, if all ticks would hit 5 people. However, it's also a low-CD blast finisher and a knockback that does not stun and can be canceled midair. Great for a swift retreat and for combo effects.EG-5 has a nice initial heal (scales 40% Healpower), pulsed heal that triggers MDF, a nice range, clears one condition and is a light field for combo-effects.

So, even in damage oriented builds, even without alchemy traited, elixir gun is often a valid choice. That is something I can't say about granades, bombs and flamethrower. Toolkit needs some minor tweaks, mortar is really slow and medikit needs multiple traits to become great (life insurance, MDF, comeback cure).

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Same opinion as the ones above me :) great tool!

Have to Point out two things:

  • having a light field for 12s (!) every 16s (traited) makes it veery for additional condi cleanse.
  • the weakness you can apply with the autoattack to an Opponent is cool to avoid Spikes. I think this is often underrated, but with quickness you can apply nice weakness stacks as an opener for your burst to avoid a fast Counter.
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Elixir Gun is quite a good weapon. It's got lots of utility and is the only weapon that can keep permanent weakness on foes.

The stun breaker has a 35 seconds cooldown, but when using HGH in Alchemy and Tools, that cooldown goes from 35 seconds to 24 seconds. Fumigate's poison is lackluster, but it's great for cleansing conditions on allies, Acid Bomb is an amazing utility, either for keeping the distance away from enemies, holding an area or to leap forward and traverse terrains faster and Super Elixir creates a light field that can cleanse conditions on yourself and allies, while also healing everyone within that field.

It could be better in my opinion considering engineer's current state: the bleed damage on Tranquilizer Dart could be stronger, Fumigate's poison could last longer and if Alchemical Tinctures was still a thing, Super Elixir would cleanse two conditions instead of one.

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