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EBG or Home Bl?


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over the years it seems ppl have gravitated more and more to ebg. I personally put home bl as more important than ebg but I feel like I am in the minority. what do you all think? is ebg more important or just more entertaining, bigger fights, smc etc? if you had to pick one which would you prefer as a playing field, home bl or ebg?

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I love WvW because it offers a variety of activities for everyone's personal flavour (ppt, ppk, big and small scale fights, solo roaming). And some like me like to switch between these activities, depending on their mood, and the tactical situation.

When the population is low, I often solo roam enemy BLs to prevent easy structure upgrading. But when we have a Zerg that frequently jumps on these maps and takes down the structures shortly before they reach Tier 2, camp flipping appears not that important.

Building up home BL's east and west keep is only attractive, if we have a zerg that is willing to defend them during the upgrading process.

Fighting for hours around Stonemist Castle can win skirmishes, as well, at least during prime time, when the ppt ticks are low and close, because of a stalemate on every map, and a lack of upgraded structures.

At least, build one or two supply bunkers, otherwise commanders go mad if they have to flip camps on their own xD

Worst case scenario: everything is already upgraded, you can't get in, no need to consistently flip camps-> hello veteran wurm, nice to kill you ;)

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I never understood "home BL" versus the other BL's. Why is it of greater importance? The BL's are the same map just a little different in starting point. I can see that if you like to PPT, though, then the BL's are better because they remain much more static. You flip something on a BL there's a good chance it stays flipped for a while. You want to flip without a big fight, then definitely the BL's. If you like fights and not having to run all over the map, then no question - EBG.

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Depends on what you mean by impt but my answer is prolly neither, you need ppl working both . . .

But for more fun, it's bl by far. I've tried to like eb a few times, but following other ppl around gets boring really quick for me most of the time . . .

@"dynomite.5834" said:I never understood "home BL" versus the other BL's. Why is it of greater importance? The BL's are the same map just a little different in starting point.

The way the bls are laid out give the home team an advantage, so it is easier to hold your home bl the same way it is easier to hold your corner on eb . . .

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Stonemist Castle is the most valuable structure and provides the most war score. Assuming you have SMC + your keep and all other objectives on your side of the map fully upgraded ( T3 ), that means +100 points. Assuming you have at least half of your home Borderland fully upgraded, that's roughly +75 points.

If you have the coverage to maintain 90 - 100% of your home Border, it is more valuable than EBG. Many servers cannot do this however and end up only holding 2 - 3 of their keeps, some towers and a couple T0 camps.

Realistically speaking, both maps are equally valuable. However, since few people care about PPT anymore, EBG becomes more and more popular due to it's condensed design and more rapid generation of fights.

Where ever you prefer to be you are providing your home with a service assuming you are active on the field killing and capturing. Be sure to relay relevant information in /team and /map when necessary and refrain from AFKing or kill feeding. As long as you're doing these things, it doesn't matter which map you prefer to be on.

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EBG is like poster boy of the mode - stonemist castle, mercenaries, and stuff.....

and I don't think people "gravitated over the years to ebg" - ever since I remember that was first map most people queued at first....

and since few people in here expressed their opinions where they tend to go first lemme jump the train and say - I go where my guild is ;)

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