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Bug: Tower Down [Merged]

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Tried to do the level 70 "Tower Down" story quest today.

First time, got all the towers down, got the braces cleared indication. However, Tonn gave his speech but I was unable to talk to him. Quest failed. There were a few Risen around but killing them did nothing.

Second time, focused on killing all Risen in each area. But party got ahead of me and Tonn stayed by me and when I ran back to the party, Tonn stayed at first beach area. Eventually he showed up at second beach area, but would not bow up the tower. Quest failed.

Third time, essentially repeat of second.

Fourth time, kept the party together, but ended up with repeat of first.

Very frustrating.

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Here's a Dev post about the issue:

...Try this:At the third tower, there are several spawns of undead. Kill the risen krait last. I think the problem is that one of the beach spawns does some other stuff, and was also part of the “Clear the beach” objective, which is based on killing about 3-4 total spawns, so if you did both at the same time, it would do the “other stuff” and not do the stuff it’s supposed to after the objective is completed.

And there's a walkthrough here: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Tower_Down

Good luck.

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Yeah, this is my first time doing this quest. My first attempt last night, I got to the final tower but he wouldn't blow it up. Just followed me as I ran around. Tonight, I tried again. Only to get to his speech, then not be able to talk to him again. He has the green marker over his head, but I don't get the "talk" cursor.

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I tried to complete this mission 3 times so far. Once I found same problem as described in frist post but I also found another one.Tonn freezes at the second tower. Just stands there and do not want to move. He joins after you reach third tower but he will not blow it up.

Edit:Well, I'm after another try. Killing the kraits last didn't work. I killed two kraits after "clear the beach" was active (third tower was already blown up).Also Tonn's freezing at second tower seems random or I lack the tools to find any connections between player's actions. Looks like it doesn't matter if you kill all the monsters there or leave one or two alive.

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So I read through the older post about this quest and its bug that doesn't allow you to blow up the tower and I tried something after the third time it froze on me:

What I did was I did not talk to Tonn at the begin of the quest. Instead I ran through the instance killing all the undead and spiders in the way ( I ran around the Skalk there and killed them with the crew). After I cleared the first two towers I swam to the third making sure to stay clear of the Krait that come at the end of the quest. Then I proceeded to kill all the risen at the third tower and the Veteran last. After I ran back to Tonn and proceeded with the quest as normal with no problems aside from the defensive NPCs not moving in the tunnel until the task "clear the beach" popped up.

I did notice that two of the Risen Plague Carriers suddenly vanished while fighting them and never reappeared, this might have something to do with the bug is one of the last Mobs is a Plague Carrier.

Let me know if this helps anyone get through the quest.

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I too decided to clear everything myself before talking to Tonn because there is a risen that spawns inside of the first tower(or at least glitches inside of it when approached from the front), and having Tonn destroy the tower as soon as you reach it- makes it impossible to get him out. However, it does glitch out of the tower if you walk around it for a bit and if it is not destroyed. Another option, that I applied, was simply clearing everything backwards and solo. Moving to the third tower first and then swimming to the second one and approaching first one from behind, when approaching from behind the risen that used to glitch inside- did not enter the tower, since there was no body between it and my character- there were no issues with it glitching out. However, the krait cause could also be the actual reason. Thus, when at the third tower while solo- wait out for each of the krait waves to spawn(one from behind the tower and then one from the eastern coast line).

Though, personally, I think it was the risen that glitches inside the first tower that caused this.

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