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{Elite spec suggestion} The Tormentor


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Abstract: Specialized in single target pDPS and superior debuffs via non-damaging conditions.

Torment Shroud: The necromancer no longer applies shroud to itself, instead, inflict Curse status on your target enemy. The curse status lasts as long as the shroud remains active. Gain access to new shroud skills when activating shroud. Enemy inflicted by Curse shroud will progressively moves into higher tier the longer it is cursed. Tier 0-> 0 seconds. Tier 1 -> 5 seconds. Tier 2 -> 10 seconds. Tier 3 -> 15 seconds. F skills become available when an enemy is cursed. Curse tier bonuses on skills only apply when they are used on cursed enemy. Shroud can no longer be damaged.

Shroud#F1: Curse Shroud: Tap into Curse shroud, inflicting curse status on your enemy. 1200 activation range. 5000 active range.Shroud#F2: Infectious Transference: Steal 5 boons from your enemy while transfers 5 conditions to the same enemy. Number of boons and conditions being swapped increase based on curse tier. 5/6/7/8. 1200 rangeShroud#F3: Haunting Apparition: Inflict 2 seconds of fear on an enemy. Fear duration increases based on curse tier. 2 seconds/3 seconds/4 seconds/5 seconds. 1200 rangeShroud#F4: Nefarious Bond: Tether yourself to an enemy, pulsing 8 stacks of vulnerability every second and receiving all healing that the target would receive in the next 2 seconds. Debuff duration increases based on curse tier. 2 seconds/3 seconds/4 seconds/5 seconds. 1500 range.Shroud#F5: Soul Explosion: Consume all your life force at once and deal massive dmg to an enemy. Dmg bonus increases based on curse tier. 0%/20%/30%/40%/50%. 1200 range

Weapon: Longbow#1: Soul Seeker: Fire a slow moving deathly orb that seeks out your target. Pierce. 1200 range. Increases number of arrows based on curse tier 0/1/2/3.#2: Soul Spike: Fire an arrow from beneath your enemy, knocking it up in the air. Gain access to combo skill Death Tap, shooting at your enemy and knock it back 600 range away. Death Tap knocks enemy for additional range based on curse tier 0/200/300/400. 1200 range.#3: Ghastly Arc: Fire arcing arrow to your enemy, dealing high dmg, inflicting 5 seconds of chill and 7 seconds of weakness. Recharge faster based on curse tier. 0/15%/25%/35%.#4: Spectral Step: Leave spectral body at your location and shadowstep 1000 range backward. Gain access to Spectral Dispersion for 5 seconds. Activating Spectral Dispersion explodes your spectral body and fears 3 enemies in 240 radius for 1 seconds. Fear duration is based on curse tier 1/2/3/4#5: Shadow String: Fire an arrow to your target enemy, tethering yourself to the enemy if it hits. Pulses 2 stacks of 5 second vulnerability and 2 seconds of poison every second while tethering. After 5 seconds, convert 3 boons on enemy into conditions. Moderate damage. 1500 range. Number of boons converted are based on curse tier 3/4/5/6.

Utilities: ApparitionHeal: Vampiric Apparition: Heal for a small amount and create an apparition around your enemy, which steals large amount of health every second over 5 seconds from your enemy. Inflict chill for 7 seconds when effect ends. Siphon duration is based on curse tier 5/6/7/8. 1200 range.Debilitating Apparition: Creates an apparition around your enemy and pulses 1 second immobilize and slow every second for 5 seconds. Pulse addition effects based on curse tier 0/weakness/chill/slowRending Apparition: Creates an apparition around your enemy, rending them with massive damage over 5 seconds. You gain 5 stacks of might every second. Number of might gained is based on curse tier 5/6/7/8.Possessive Apparition: Creates an apparition around your enemy for 20 seconds. Gain access to Possession. Activating Possession will teleport you to possessed enemy. 1200 activation range. 5000 Possession activation range. Does not incur cooldown unless Possession is used. Recharge 33% faster when used on cursed enemy.Invigorating Apparition: Creates an apparition around you that grants you 5% life force every second for 5 seconds. Duration increased based on curse tier 5/6/7/8. Breaks stun.Elite: Malevolent Apparition: Creates an apparition around your enemy, converting boons every second for 7 seconds. Deals massive amount of damage when effect ends based on number of boons converted. Number of boons converted per second is based on curse tier 2/3/4/5.

Traits:Minor#1: Gain access to Torment Shroud and LongbowMinor#2: Tormenting Presence: Fearing an enemy grants 10% life force. 10 sec CD.Minor#3: Enfeebling Touch: Gain 15% duration increase to all non-damaging conditions

Adept#1: Agonizing Separation: Inflicts 2 stacks of 5 second vulnerability every second on cursed enemy beyond range threshold. Threshold 900.Adept#2: Spectral Thieves: When apparition disappear, you steal 2 boons from your enemy.Adept#3: Abiding Shackles: You move 33% faster while wielding longbow. Every 3 seconds, incoming movement-impairing condition will cause you to inflict condition of the same type to your cursed enemy. 3 seconds of cripple, chill, or immobilize. (ignore source's duration).

Master#1: No Escape: When Torment Shroud is deactivated, pull cursed enemy to you and inflict 5 seconds of chill. 1500 range.Master#2: Malicious Apparitions: You inflict 10% more damage per apparition on your cursed enemyMaster#3: Spectral Resurgence: Gain 1 additional ammos for Spectral Step. Reduce Spectral Step's active cooldown by 5 seconds per enemy hit by Spectral Dispersion

Grandmaster#1: Lasting Curse: Curse shroud degenerates at 25% less life force per second.Grandmaster#2: Persistent Apparitions: Apparition skills last 2 seconds longerGrandmaster#3: Executioner's Arrows: You bow skills do 2% more dmg per condition on your cursed enemy. Recharge your bow skills 4% for every boon your remove from your cursed enemy. 3 sec CD.

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2 main things:

  • I'm not sure the "curse tiers" are necessary.
  • There is an awful lack of survivability due to core not having any survivability out of "the shroud".


  • I think the mechanism can be nice, but there ought to be few players liking to be on the receiving end so it's bound to be a mechanism receiving a lot of hate.
  • F2 is way to strong even without curse tiers.
  • You lack of an F skill that effectively put your character into shroud.
  • The bow and utilities rely to much on curse tiers.
  • To many bow and apparition traits... 1 each is enough. ANet even try to reduce the exclusivity of weapon traits and here you got 3 whole traits exclusive for a single weapon... that's kind of anticlimatic.
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