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[Suggestions] Griffon mount can use updrafts

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Pretty simple. The idea of adding a new mastery trait to allow the griffon to use updrafts. The trait added to the Griffon will still require the player to have 'Updraft Use', meaning the player will need to unlock both traits in order for their mounts to updraft.

I think this would be a good addition to the game in general and to me it seems somewhat logical. It's a Griffon.

If anyone has any points they can think of on whether this should be included to the game or not, please share. I want this to actually be seen.

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Also want this.

Though it should be done as a mix mastery requiring points from both HoT and PoF to unlock thus locking players into requiring both expansions to actually obtian it.

For those who don't understand why some of us want this, it's because mounts at this point have more or less become an instinctive use feature of GW2..When was the last time you actually choose to run anywhere in this game since you got your mounts?Given the choice almost everyone will hop on a mount rather than run or glide anywhere anymore.. and there's nothing wrong with that.

Giving the Griffon this ability would not make gliding useless, there are still areas of the game where mounts are locked and gliding isnt as well as story instances etc.Fact is we can make the same argument against gliding when it was being added to the core game maps.. how many jumping puzzles did it mess up? not to mention making map breakouts a little easier.. and don't even get me started on mounts making those problems a million times worse XDEven now with mount and gliding restrictions on jumping puzzles most of them can still be bypassed either mostly or completely without much effort.

Giving the Griffon the ability to use updrafts would just make getting around HoT maps on it a bit easier.We can't dismount in the air and use our gliders.. and if I recall correctly this was due to a technical limitation or some kind of bug Anet didn't have time to sort out so they removed the ability entirely.There's no real reason why Griffons shouldn't be able to use them, Those without Griffons will still have to use Gliders in HoT.. and those who have them can still use Gliders in updrafts if they wish.It's an options that's all, and one a lot of us feel we should have.

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from what Ive heard comming living world seasons will be requiring both hot and pof masteries. So it seems most likely that the griffon will never get updraft as you have to make use of both tools to get around with. Jahai bluffs already have some of it with a hot area where you can use hot masteries.

And no, griffon shouldnt be able to benefit from hot masteries as its two -seperate- lines. It would again make the glider almost relevant. whic is a nono.

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@"Draco.9480" said:just give an option to dismount why in the air so i could switch to gliding and updraft/leyline whatever

In order to specify that only the griffon can be dismounted in mid air, it should be part of Soaring Rescue's functionality. I completely understand the desire to make sure other mounts (especially springer) can't be dismounted in mid air, but hopefully being able to swap between griffon and glider for more efficacy in HoT zones and Jahai Bluffs would be wonderful.

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