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[ENDURE PAIN] It needs a better rework


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Endure pain is the number 1 mitigation skill against damage, however, in large group fights endure pain is nearly useless because of leech skills and FOOD that siphon life with each attack. Take this combat log for example: I was fighting a necro and a revenant; they were able to deal 1293 damage THROUGH endure pain. Multiply that by 30+ of them in a serg and you get 38790+ siphon damage. Warrior is supposed to be a front-line fighter, but with this madness of necros and revenants plaguing WvW we cant even enjoy the game as front line warriors in large battles. The combat log shows only a few of the skills that are able to siphon life, but there are many many more.

Endure pain is supposed to be completely immune do damage, only conditions should deal damage through endure pain. The description states that explicitly: "You take no damage from incoming attacks. You are still susceptible to conditions and control effects."


Interesting fact:A leeching revenant can easily deal 6000+ damage THROUGH endure pain! This is what happens when you introduce new classes and skills without proper testing.And don't think that this is new, this has been for ages since revenant was introduced to the game. Anet has done nothing about it. That is why warriors have been a low population in WvW serg fights (even when WoD was a thing, warriors were less than 5 per serg.)

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Endure pain is already a too strong skill.And you use for sure the passive and the active.

You complain of leeching/siphon damage that in a zerg might hit for over 37k damage.

So how do you survive normal damage considering that with a single hammer hit rev can crit up to 8-10k?

And how that damage is calcuted? Are there 30+ revs in the enemy zergs you encounter?

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@Dawdler.8521 said:Yet I still see warriors endure pain on a daily basis through 30+ man zergs without seemingly taking damage either from condi or power and they are rarely capable of getting CCd.

What is this magic secret sauce revenant build, it has me intrigued.

First of, endure pain is only a damage mitigation and it does not mitigate condition damage or CC (only once upon activation).Of course you will see endure pain on warriors something is better than nothing. But the fact still remains, endure pain is nearly useless in large fights and against leeching revenants. Sorry I cannot give you the build because it will just be abused against warriors. A leeching build can deal 6000+ damage on endure pain and render it useless.

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Revenants can pass through blocks with either Shiro heal (assassins heal thingy). It gives makes the revenant siphon health (which passes through blocks), deals about 1.2k per attack.

Or they can also use "Phase Traversal" (if i remember the name correctly), basically a short range teleport which makes their attacks unblockable for 2-3 seconds.

Still, a Warrior is probably the only "class" that can wobble into a Zerg alone and still stand (atleast kinda), except maybe Elixir S engineers...

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