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Banner build help pls


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Hi :)Recently I crafted my first legendaey: Sunrise. yay!So I'm thinking of playing professions that can equip GS.I've already have a warrior alt, bui I haven't play it so often.As for build, I have a few questions here.

  1. As a banner warrior in T4 fractals,CMs and raids, which is better? Power or condi? (I have never play CMs nor raids yet though.)
  2. As for power build, is GS a meta weapon? Is there any much more effective weapon sets in terms of DPS?
  3. How can I use GS#3 effectively? How can I hit 3 times?
  4. Tactics vs Discipline?(especially in case I use elite specs) EA seems a great buff. But healers and boon chrono get less benefit from it than DPSers, because they are not pure DPSer. And if my fellow DPSer is not so good, how about pick Discipline instead of Tactics to increase my own DPS and banner effectiveness?
  5. Core power vs Spellbreaker? Fullcounter seems a great sustain skill. But I cant pick Discipline and Tactics at the same time if I pick Spellbreaker trait line.

Thanks in advance :)

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  1. I haven't done raids in a long time. Berserker condi was the norm for dps but it's possible that spellbreaker is accepted now. Ask warriors who are more into this.
  2. Axes are much more effective in term of dps. Greatsword isn't as great as most think, its main advantage are dodge and mobility. Personnaly, when i take one axe on each weapon set, i strike much more effectively. But I'm hardly an expert on current meta.
  3. To hit 3 times, you must be in fron of a wall.
  4. I don't know if EA i always required now. If that's the case...well that's the only useful trait of that line anyway. Discipline bring much more personnal benefits. Too bd banner buffs only apply to you
  5. Spellbreaker. Because magebane tether alone is unchallenged is term of dps benefits. And I'm not even talking about the sustain...

Sorry, i do not know much of the meta anymore. For regular T4 fractals, you can go as you want as long as it's effective. For CM and raids, teams are more annoying about builds.

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  1. depends on the gamemode:
    • normal t4 is not that important of you go power or condi as long as you have fun and play the version right. its a matter of personal preference.
    • for cms same as normal t4 fractals, just you needing to "git gud" ;)-for raids, that depends on the boss you want to do. most bosses are more towards condi-berserker. but there are some where power will heavily outshine condi, since they have, invulnerability stages, like samarog or slothasor
  2. as a power build gs is a strong weapon choice. you can go both double axe and gs, so yeah gs is a strong option.
  3. either using it in front of a wall or the hitbox of the boss is big enough for you to hit all 3 hits
  4. EA is a dependant trait too, since it only empowers power :P. as a condi dps you dont need power, but if you use a power build or most of your group is power then it is worth taking. otherwise discipline is your to go traitline in every situation :)
  5. well.... in pve... core warrior is better then spellbreaker. in pvp/wvw spellbreaker is 10x better then core warrior.

hope i could help ^^

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Thanks guys!I found core power warrior has better dps than spellbreaker in golem training area, probably because spellbreaker's F1 has only access to lvl 1 burst. Maybe I have to utilize Fullcounter as a part of rortation to maximize DPS and reset F1's cooldown.I'll go for GS/AxeAxe as long as CC is not so much required and it's not long fight (like raids). I already have condi gear sets so it is no problem to switch to condi if required.

Yesterday I did T4s on my core banner warrior. Most of the time I was top dps. Probably my dpsers (Daredevil, Reaper) were not good, but warrior's burst potential is amazing!

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