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LF WvW/PvP Guild ~ Sorrows Furnace

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Hiii, I have been trying to find a guild that WvW on Sorrow’s Furnace. I have sat in LA/DR and the WvW/PvP zones lookin for guilds recruiting. I have had no luck in the matter. I even try /m too see if I can get involved and nothing. If anyone could help me out or point me in the right direction that would be awesome. I love to PvP in any shape or form. Although I know PvP itself is dying, I am a PvPr, so finding a guild that WvW on Sorrows would be ideal. Thanks for readin XD.

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Sorrow's Furnace has 3 WVW guilds, INRI, AQUA, and ETER so try to contact a member if you see them in WVW. They play in the NA timezone but they are all Latin American/South American guilds so Spanish is their primary language. Unless some other guild has transferred to SF since relinks last Friday, I don't think they have any English speaking guilds.

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