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Super slow patch

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Hi guys I'm from the Philippines. Since the Halloween patch I had a hard time logging in in-game with lots of error code 42. Yesterday I tried reinstalling the game but now I can't finish it since the speed of patching is just 50-100 kbps. My speedtests results are 40-50 mbps so I was expecting a fast download. Is there ap roblem with the patch or my pc? I'm dl'ing over wifi and I've updated the wifi driver already and it still is slow. I do have no problems with browsing and it's just with gw2. Anyone can help? thanks.

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GW2's download speed can be misleading, since it stops downloading to manage the files, which is factored into the speed. A lot of the files are also only a few KB in size, which is simply impossible to download at higher speeds, but if this were the case, the file could would be draining rapidly and it should only last for maybe a minute at a time.

To test your connection, you can try downloading 2059376 (Gw2-64.exe). If you download it at the speed you're expecting, trying other servers isn't going to help, but forcing its IP by using the -assetsrv option will. If you can confirm the specific IP downloads in your browser at the expected speed, but not in GW2, then other software is likely interfering or your CPU / disk speed is simply slow.

To find other patch servers, use cmd.exe to get a different IP:nslookup assetcdn.101.arenanetworks.com

... and use it to launch Gw2.exe:-assetsrv

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For a quick comparison, you can try downloading from the primary server and the alternate server.

If these are better, you can use either the first or second:-assetsrv origincdn.101.arenanetworks.com-assetsrv drwkwiejruot6.cloudfront.net

@"jenosmaverick.8694" said:So i go to cmd and type the nslook and assertsrv? Thanks

You can open a command prompt by searching your start menu for cmd (or press WindowsKey+R > cmd). To run the command, copy it, then right click in the command prompt window to paste it, pressing enter to run it:nslookup assetcdn.101.arenanetworks.com

The result should show an answer with several addresses under it. You can copy text from the window by clicking and dragging to highlight it, then right click to copy.

To use one of the addresses, for example, you use it with Gw2.exe/Gw2-64.exe. Right click your GW2 shortcut and select properties. Under the shortcut tab, it should have the target as something like:"C:\Program Files\Guild Wars 2\Gw2-64.exe"

To use the -assetsrv option, append it to the target like so:"C:\Program Files\Guild Wars 2\Gw2-64.exe" -assetsrv

... then click OK and use the shortcut to launch GW2 using that server.

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