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Tonics and you

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I have a couple of tonics I use occasionally, more now they're part of the wardrobe so I always have them on all my characters.

It has absolutely nothing to do with game mechanics, it's purely a social/fun thing. I use them when I'm waiting for events, when we're gathering for guild missions or at other times I think it would be fun for me and people around me to see my character turn into something random. Sometimes I go a bit further - for example during the Festival of the Four Winds I invented my own challenge of trying to do the race disguised as a quaggan and carrying a balloon - so I couldn't do anything except run and jump. I wasn't going to set any records or even qualify for the magic find boost, but it was fun and got some good reactions from people around me.

Some people take it further - a few days ago I came across someone called something like The Good Vibes Choya, going around the map giving 'blessings' to players (in the form of a few random items mailed to them). It was utterly random and had no gameplay function or benefit, but it was really fun and attracted a lot of attention from people in the map.

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Ok, I could use Halloween tonics while waiting for the mad tower jumping puzzle. Does the game allows it?

You can dance as a dolyak? I need to see this.

I suppose, it can be useful as roleplay. I try using endless cat tonic for my thief. As my thief using an actual costume.

But trees??? Really? Sylvaris or rangers trying to be one with nature?

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i have a norn that i play as called Foegore the Giant and i use the embiggening tonic permanently,

i really wish i could use other tonics in combat on different characters, i loved playing as themed characters in GW1,for example i had the everlasting kuunavang tonic which turned you into a smallish dragon,and i made an ele character called "Saltstray Dragon Hatchling" and i ran the same build as the Saltspray Dragons in that game :tongue:

moar combat tonics plx anet!

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My favorite is the Endless Guild Banner potion, that I often use to troll others in WvW, standing near spawn, watching other players (especially my guild mates) run over and try to grab a heroic banner bonus from me. Hilarious how often people fall for it.

I main Norn, so Endless Miniature potion for jump puzzles.

Plush Toy Griffon, for goofy stuff, like pretending to fight with his cute attacks in wvw when guildies are just trashing others. That and the adorable dance.

Endless Kodan wartonic, because it's the only way I get to play Norn in bear shape.

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