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You Stand on the parapet you die on the parapet. (Obnoxious Herald WvW Gameplay)


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@"messiah.1908" https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/8u57j0/scrolling_combat_text_addon_for_arcdps/ this one, i really enjoy it as u can modify the colors of the text to suit you and other settings really neat, also u can sit what hit you for x damage right then and there instead of sroclling thru the combat log. its pretty neat

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Fun vid. Of all the profs I've tried in WvW, Hammer Rev is by far my favorite.

What build / gear are you using? I ask because in several fights you're maintaining Facet of Light, and I've been wondering if it's worth doing in full zerk gear? Lately instead I've been focusing on maintaining Facet of Chaos for the DR and only switching to Jallis for Dwarf spam when energy gets critical low.

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