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Staff Rework Idea!


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Aight, go easy on me, this is merely me brainstorming… I ain't looking to get gutted…

Auto-attack : remains the same on all accounts (Velocity, damage, cast-time, etc) EXCEPT instead of piercing, it now detonates upon impact, dealing 50% of the damage dealt to the main target to surrounding targets, and gaining an extra 1% life force per foe struck by the AoE.

Second Skill - Cruel Ice : Summon shards of ice that burst from the soil beneath the targeted area, bleeding and chilling foes struck.Damage : (similar to current "Chillblains")2 bleeding 8 secondsChill 1.5 secondsCast-time : 0.75 secondsCooldown : 3 secondsRadius : 240 (similar to current "Mark of Blood")Number of targets : 5Range : either 900 or 1200 (I cannot decide)

Third Skill - Pestilent Orb : Launch an orb of poison that transfers and copies conditions or applies increased conditions (essentially, it transfers conditions to 1 target and copies the transfered conditions unto all other targets struck. BUT, should there be no conditions to transfer, it will apply a geater quantity of conditions)Damage : (Similar to current "Putrid Mark")1 Poison (if condition(s) is/are transfered) 8 seconds4 or 5 poison (if no condition(s) is/are transfered) 8 secondsConditions transfered : 3Cast-time : 1 secondProjectile velocity : (Similar to current Life Blast)Cooldown : 16 secondsRadius : 300Number of Targets : 5Range : 900 or 1200 (I still cannot decide)

Fourth Skill - Malicious Greed : Channel, striking foes around you multiple times, gaining might and life force per strike.Damage (x3) : (Roughly 65% of the damage dealt by "Life Siphon" without the 20% bonus from bleeding)Might per Strike : 1 (for 9 seconds)Life Force per Strike : 1.25%Cast-time : 0.5 secondsChannel : 1.75 secondsCooldown : 20 secondsRadius : 600Number of targets : 5

Fifth Skill - Ripple of Horror : Literally the same as the one currently available in Lich Form, except I'd set it on 20 or 25 seconds cooldown… And maybe increase the projectile velocity slightly…

While I'm here, I'd say we might as well make "Grim Specter" into the elite that MUST replace Lich Form.


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@killfil.3472 said:

@Hoodie.1045 said:Considering the things necromancer can do especially with the shroud skills, I think the staff is fine the way it is.

I guess… It's just that I'd like to have something more original than 4 circles as my abilities :/

1.) the Problem is just that marks are a unique Profession mechanic of necros. many builds are using them to Regenerate lifeforce and get unblockable. if you remove all the marks from staff (since staff is the only weapon using marks) anet also has to rework Soul marks trait. and if they do that they abviously abandoned marks mechanic so they have to take out all mark skills/traits on necro and rework also mark of Evasion. further work for anet.

2.) staff Maybe is not the best dps weapon but staff has the greatest range of all necro weapons and is the only real defense we have against hard counters like rangers or DE to fear them on 1440 range with staff 5. casting weakness on them with staff 3/4.

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