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[EU] LF Main (End-game) PvE guild


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I am looking for a guild that does raids, fractals and is fairly active in general.So not one that just full clears on monday and don't talk to each other for the rest of the week.Raids have to happen on Monday-thursday, weekends are a bad time for me.I have pretty decent experience in almost all content, have yet to do W5 & 6 since I only got PoF like 3 days ago.Would call myself an active player and will ask others to do dungeons or achievements or any other content with me.This guild would be my main guild so to say, so don't say you are active with 200 people and only 10 talk, that's just not active....I am fine with both small and big guilds, as long as the smaller one is looking to expand and if you have a big guild you need to be open for new people.Lot of big guild issues I find is that it is one set group of friends and you need to fight yourself to try and fit in, which isn't what I am looking for.

So if you think you got the guild for me, or want to ask me more questions, I never really know what to say in these kinda things, but I can talk a lot lol, send me a pm in game please! :D

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