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[NA][BP][PVE][Bunch of Weirdos] Open doors to whom feel fit


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Looking for awesome, dorky, nerd, not-serious, maybe-crazy peopleFavorite requirement:

+21 (or play with parents/family)Sense of HumorSense of Sarcasm :smirk: -Sense of AdventurerProactive and actually enjoys to help your fellow guilds, even if it looks like impossible! (you should see me in dungeons... it will look impossible to reach the last Boss)Doesn't have a broom stuck over their butt... you know what I mean Patricia!!!Enjoy long walks on the beachCat friendlyFeels an irresistible need to randomly scream "Leroy Jenkins" and "Jeronimós !!!"As a weird love/hate relationship with puzzle jumps

Yes! We have discord!

And by we I mean me! (Coz so far I didn't recruit anyone)

Best Regards and doves,

Your (Future) Guild Master

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