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New IP Authentication Deathloop

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I'm trying to help a guild mate out here.

He has a new Service Provider. Old service provider cancelled his linked email address.As he tries to log into the game, it wants the authentication code for the new IP address. See above about cancelled email address.If he tries to log into the GW2 website to update his account, it asks for the authentication code for the new IP address.

He can not log into the website to update either his email address, or add an SMS number for SMS authentication.

He has a support ticket open from 9 months ago about this, but again, the email account linked the game no longer exists. (yes, he's been locked out 9 months)

He can't log into support, he can't log into his account to update, and he can't log into the game, all for the want of an authorization code he has no ability to access.

How does he get out of this death loop?

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