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Who's up for some FASHION WARS?!? xD


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Hey guys and girls! It's that time again for me to post another Fashion wars event ;) This time though, I have made my event public and have asked friends in game to join and they certainly DID NOT disappoint. Unfortunately, I can only poll 10 in forums, so I have asked some personal friends from the LA Film School of Graphics Design to sort and pick through their favorites among 28 entries! And now it's time I ask you guys to vote among these 10 on which ones you like! :)

Remember! The top 3 will receive the following prizes:

1st place: Legendary T1 Rifle - The Predator2nd place: Legendary Precursor - Zap3rd place: Legendary Precursor - The Lover

I will be sending participation rewards to those who did not make the Top 10 cut and a little extra participation rewards for those in the top 10 who didn't place in the Top 3! So please be kind on your votes and let's make this a fun event!

So without further ado, here are this season's contestants:

  1. T6Cafnb.jpg

  2. 3QJG4v2.jpg

  3. CMv3rFx.jpg

  4. 4JaxSMt.jpg

  5. F9RLhtc.jpg

  6. pCuN0CX.jpg

  7. vw6mOZD.jpg

  8. YqHYfDs.jpg

  9. 2EE6Qze.jpg

  10. DkTGp64.jpg

Again, a big THANK YOU to all who participated! I will be sending out Participation Rewards to the other submissions that didn't make the cut! And to the top 10, GOOD LUCK!! The Polls will be running until November 7, 2018 at which time I will be collecting the tally and sending out the rewards! Thank you!! =)

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