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Permission Problem


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@"hugo.4705" said:I'm sorry if freedom of spreech is not allowed anymore.

You're not speaking on the street in public or addressing congress. You're in a private business's web space. So sorry, you can expect to be censored/edited/silenced as the owner sees fit.

Besides, Anet doesn't like exploits or other "bad ideas" being broadcast to anyone willing to look for inspiration to cause mischief, so I can see those threads getting deleted.

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Well... They're not admins at the news outlet, so they can't stop that. They can request it be removed though, which I think it should (given it's content).

Swimsuits vs Exploits.... You really think the comparison is fair?

In the talking about it, you described in detail how someone would perform the exploit. Literally like saying "Hey, if you wanna hack someone, go to this website and download this program, then type this person's name in, and it will give their password."

You don't think they should be removing that content and then telling you "Hey um... That content literally violated our rules. Please stop making this information readily available".

If they though you were doing this maliciously, you would have been banned. Probably permanently. But since they are assuming you just wanted to chat about it, they let you off the hook.

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  • ArenaNet Staff

@kharmin.7683 said:I think deleting threads are their way to eliminate discussion that is not germane or conducive to the forums. Or, more likely, a way to remove threads that go against the ToS.

Please know that we do not randomly delete threads, and if a thread is deleted, we send a message to the member to let them know it happened, and why. Any questions about moderation, or about forum policies, or about how things work here should be addressed to Forums@Arena.Net. They are not suitable forum content because forum member cannot participate in the conversation, since they are not part of the forums team and don't have the background on any moderation decision.

Thanks for understanding.

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