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How to cross arms with weapons wielded?

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From the Wiki:

Showing your weapons during an emote

A user can show a weapon persistently during an emote by using an item skill before starting it and then dropping the item. This will also work with certain skill replacement skills as well as bundles (first using the skill or picking up or using the weapon and then starting the emote before dropping the bundle or returning the weapon skill bar to normal). The classes and races which automatically have a skill to facilitate this include Guardian, Warrior, Engineer, Elementalist, and Charr. All other races which are not in those above classes need to acquire a bundle via a consumable (like the peg leg from Agent Cotts). Necromancers can use Death Shroud, begin an emote, and then turn off Death Shroud, and the weapon will be displayed while the emote is in action. Rangers can use any Porcine pet's unique skill to summon a bundle which can be used similarly to other bundles

It is possible for any player to open the hero menu, unequip your weapon, then re-equip it for the same effect. If first-person camera is enabled in the options, zooming into first-person and back out will display weapons.

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@"MinervaPiton.2097" said:Piece of advice, try to create a title that explains what you are trying to get from the post, "How?" doesn't really say anything and most people will just pass it by :)

Or if they're like me they'll find it impossible to remember which vaguely named topic is which and click on it every time they're on the forum only to go "oh yeah, I can't help with that" leading to an annoying situation for the person asking where it seems like they're getting loads of views but no one bothering to answer.

Or read it, only realise minutes or hours later that actually there is something relevant they can add and but they're unable to find the topic again to post it!

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