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Superior Sigil of Absorption does not proc with both Dispelling Force & Enchantment Collapse?


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It seems that the Sigil and 2 traits should be removing 3 boons with a successful interrupt. I attempted to test this several times today in our Guild Hall, I ensured I was getting the interrupt and it is only removing 2 boons instead of 3. I tested the sigil on it's own without the traits and successfully stole a boon, so I know the sigil is functioning. With Dispelling Force, the same CC that proc's the sigil should be removing 2 boons, then with Enchantment Collapse remove 1 additional boon. This does not seem to be the case.

Has anyone else noticed or had this issue? I feel like the Sigil is treating the trait Dispelling Force as if it were a stacking sigil effect and not removing the boon. The only other discussion I could find that is similar is this.

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@"Blocki.4931" said:Enchantment Collapse doesn't work on the main target, just for one around them

I thought that, but I tested it with Break Enchantments, and it seemed to remove the extra boon. I am going off the "affects all allies" text that they have clarified in the past that yourself is an ally. So " all nearby foes" should include the target. I also tested this w/o interrupting and got the 2 boons removed from the 2 traits w/o proc'ing the sigil. Which leads me to believe it's the sigil not proc'ing with the trait.

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