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Need powerful PVE build


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For power builds, it doesn't get better than Daredevil Staff. If you're doing group content, condi daredevil can do higher sustained DPS. If you want to be obtuse, you can use a deadeye build as well. If you want to use D/D, you can just use that instead of the staff on a Daredevil power build. Use Cloak and Dagger -> Backstab when available.

I've been using rifle + d/p deadeye. It is... alright. It has only slightly less damage than staff Daredevil, less mobility/evasion but incredible range. It looks a lot like the daredevil build, but it uses Deadeye instead:

Gear: Full Berserker. Scholar runes. Sigils of Force + Air.Utilities: Malicious Restoration, Shadow Flare, Signet of Agility, Assassin's SignetTraitsDeadly Arts: Mug, Panic Strikes, ExecutionerCritical Strikes: Assassin's Fury (when solo, Twin Fangs in a group), Practiced Tolerance, No Quarter.
Deadeye: Iron Sight, Unforgiving, Be Quick or Be Killed.

The Deadeye traits are really flexible, depending on what you want to do. The current setup is for slaughtering weaker enemies. Open with Mark, use Shadow shot, then auto attack them down. The combination of stun, blind, and quickness means that anything less than an elite will be cut down within moments. Even vets are largely helpless against it.

If you want to go more stealthy, you can run Revealed Training, Revealed Malice, and Sniper's Cover.

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