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Finally find a good spot for soulbeast in WvW team fight.


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Soulbeast has been welknown for roaming but never fit well in group fight. However, recently, more and more guilds run immortal builds (typical FB,Chrono, Scrapper, herald combo, perma 40-80% DR + 10k+ healing per second) in WvW making soulbeast have its place.An immortal team can easily handle twice number opponents since they are almost impossible to kill. The only counter is extreme brutal burst damage. Someone maysay, 3 rev push hammer 3 = no one survive, yes, if they land at exact same spot and exactly same time, pratically it's almost impossible. As long as you give the immortal team 1 second break, their HP will back to full from 20%. The only way is extreme burst damage, which is just soulbeast can offer. usually a 8k maul followed by a 12k WI can instantly down 2-3 players within 1 second (of coz need quickness), and those immotal teams always stick very tight to share the benefit of each other, and thus provide soulbeast the best opportunity to land your burst.
Last night I have repeatably down 2-3 immortal players in one single combo. Once their recover chain broken, the rest is just piece of cake.
Another candidate will be staff daredevil, well aimed 2x staff 5 may bring the same result.

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