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Weird, Specific Bug - Need Assistance in reproducing


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I'm in dredgehaunt cliffs, there are multiple players as there is currently a daily associated with this map, andI keep getting automatically kicked out of beast mode seconds after I enter itSome details:

  • Not mounting
  • Not entering/leaving water
  • Not even in combat
  • Not using skills

Keeps happening, even when I'm gliding (unmeld is not even accessible when gliding)

Really need help in reproducing itCurrently saving video footage, will also submit in bug forums

  • Seems to happen only in dredgehount cliffs for now, testing in other maps
  • Switched around traits, trait lines, weapons and skills to make sure it wasn't tied to those I had equipped

Seems to happen near

  • DOCIU WAYPOINT [&BFgCAAA=] when heading south (could successfully reproduce it everytime)
  • Between WYRMBLOOD WAYPOINT [&BGUCAAA=] and TRAVELEN'S WAYPOINT [&BGQCAAA=] (could successfully reproducce it everytime)

I'm thinking it's caused by some map-loading stuff?

Posting video as soon as it is processed, but if anyone can test it for me aswell, I can reproduce it everytime

EDIT: Also happening at STEELBRACHEN WAYPOINT [&BFsCAAA=] when headed south or approaching the WP from south too, on the right of the campfire

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