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[EU][Raid] Dastardly recruitment message


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Welcome to another of our recruitment posts!

We are the Dastardly Decad and we're a few international veterans and newbies aiming to raid and be chill about it. Here's all you need to know.

Rule 1: Nothing is true. Everything is permitted, as long as we get things done. All of our veterans are competent theorycrafters who tend to enjoy coming up with their own approaches to raiding.

18+ - we are all childish, but we are all adults. You should be one, too.

Part of the guild, part of the crew. We have no use for mild acquaintances.

If you wish to be a Decad, serve your country, learn to fly, and control the minds of critters, here is what we offer:

⁍ Raids: Tuesday & Saturday, 19:00 CET.

Ferrari of a Guild Hall with excellent amenities.

⁍ Small, chill, and skilled team.

We are currently progressing through the wings and building our static team.

Send mail to Seal.5964 in-game and we'll get started on you.

⁌ Competent newbies and multiclassers take the highest priority. ⁍

- Seal

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