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Help! character creation issue....


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Ok so I created a warrior with the sign of Dwayna and decided I wanted something different so I deleted and chose the sign of Balthazar instead but when I bring up the game its still under the sign of Dwayna, I have did this 3 different times even tried with a whole different email address and still the result is the same I am getting very frustrated and almost ready to quit the game before I have even started.

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I just tried and wasn't able to replicate this. I made a human male warrior, picked skip to end and then went back and changed his chosen deity to Dwayna, loaded into the game and checked it showed correctly in his story panel. Then I deleted him, made another human male warrior using the same process and same name but picking Balthazar and it showed correctly in the Hero panel.

Edit: Just to make it clear - I'm not saying the OP is wrong, just that it didn't happen for me so I wasn't able to work out why it happened, if that is the problem, and therefore don't know how to stop it.

If like @Nerox.2839 said you mean the one who picked Balthazar also has the healing skill Prayer to Dwayna that's because all humans get that, no matter which god they pick. (They also get the skills Prayer to Kormir and Prayer to Lyssa at level 11 and the elite skills Hounds of Balthazar, Reaper of Grenth and Avatar of Melandru at level 31.)

Your choice of god has very little effect on the game - it changes some dialogue and the priest who appears in your home instance but it doesn't affect your skills or your story.

Also when you say you tried again with a different email address - if you mean you set up a new account using the option on the launcher or GW2 website I strongly recommend you go back to the original one - the one where your screen name is Askla.2783 - because that will be a full paid account and (unless you actually paid for the game again) any others will be free accounts which have a lot of limitations paid accounts don't have.

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