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best gun class?


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Well there's 4 classes that use guns:-Thief: pistol main hand/off hand, DE: gives access to rifle.

  • Messmer: pistol off hand.
  • Engineer: Pistol main hand/off hand, Rifle
  • Warrior: RifleI think that's all although I might have missed some.

I'm not sure if your looking for a meta build but I know some people enjoy the Warrior gunflame build using rifle. (Not that its meta, check metabuilds.com for these classes their might be one to your liking)

However, if you only want to use guns, a Deadeye thief can use a rifle and pistols.
Or Engineer of course the pistol shield can be fun, same as pistol/pistol. You can make a holosmith that uses p/p and 1 or not kits. Or an elixir based build idk its been a while since I've played Engineer, but I'm sure you can make a functional build that uses rifle or pistol/shield, p/p. I'm sure the Eng forums can give you some build advice that runs with minimum kits depending on the content you want to run.

I'd suggest making one of each that can use pistol and rifle, take them to the pvp lobby and try some builds and guns out see how you feel about the playstyle.

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