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Just hit 80


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So I finally hit 80 on my Ranger (My favorite Class so far) and I'm not sure what build to use..right now I'm just using what worked for leveling, well kind of, I use Soulbeast now as well.

Basically I use Beast Mastery - Nature Magic - Soul Beast and a Short Bow and Axe and the Soulbeast dagger. I'm also using Troll Unguent, Signet of the Wild, Signet of the Hunt, Frost Spirit and Hounds of Balthazar.

I haven't played the game for years, and pretty excited to finally be 80, just not sure where to go from here =) (I have a few boosted 80s but none of them went past the first area it puts you in when you boost, aside from my Thief who I did parts of the new content on...then realized how much I dislike her)

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