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i play pve

i would like to know on what should i go on my guardians level 80, i will play it with axe shield and torchshould i increase crit accu and power stat, or should i increase alteration? which stuff for it and which badge?

I will play it usually for meta event of different map for now,of course for now i dont speak about crafted gear, but at least i would like to know which stat should i focus to have good pve dps matched with the skills,

is there any website who refer all stuff and gear needed for classes, spec, pve pvp raid? would be very usefull, cause for now i m kinda blinded on what to choose for this class.

thx for your help.

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Would check Metabattle -- just got back after a long break from the game. I personally am a mix and match kind of guy, so I basically use it as general guide for Trait Combos. I tinker with the gear given that money can be slow if you're not playing extended amounts of time.

As far as improving Critical Chance, using Radiance line actually gives you more room to wiggle around if you are using one-handed weapon most of the time. Right-Handed Strength and the Retaliation buffs give you increased critical chance, and Guardian can dish out a lot of retaliation from Skills and Trait effects.

With that in mind, Power and Ferocity are the things you should be looking out for in terms of key stats. I know you mentioned not to talk about gear, but given the trait effects that I mentioned you can actually mix and match Berserker's, Marauder's, and Valkyrie, to find your sweet spot in terms of Health Pools. One big struggle of Guardians is that despite being a heavy armor profession is that it suffers from a low health pool.

Judging from the weapons you are using now -- axe, shield, and torch -- you can also explore doing Condition Damage as a main stat. For a more offensive build though I would swap out the shield for a focus. I think the Torch is fine as a 2nd off-hand weapon.

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