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New expansions ideas

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I've been thinking about this for sometime and gathered some stuff I would like to be thrown into the next expansion.First of all, all specs and elite specs could use a rename, it's not easy to identify with the current names, so I've put out a new system, follow me:Let's take ele as an example, if you chose a human ele your profession gender is Affectugender but you can spec Tempest Blurgender and WeaverColorgender.But if you make a sylvari your ele will have totally different genders!I know what you're thinking "Kitten that's so cool!" but that's not all!WvWer's will get some love too. Servers are now replaced with genders, so you can play a gender inside a gender! ~~Server ~~ gender pride restore! Defend it!Got some more stuff under the sleeve for you! In pve you've to defeat six new huge and powerfull bosses to get their might powers (which come in form of shouts), Tedrig Ueodhoss Melandru Balthazar (yeah he revived!) Lyssa Ralph.I know some of you would like underwater content, I thought about it too, but underwater content is only avaliable for Hydrogender (yay replayablity!)

Feel free to insert your own ideas.

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