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[NA] [F.A.P] Friends Are Power is a brand new guild, only 2 weeks old and with 60 members in our roster. We are very active, talkative and helpful.This is a guild made by 3 awesome friends who wanted to make new friends and get to know other people who needs help in the game or like to help other people.What would be a game without one helping another and we all grow, learn and play together? F.A.P Is the best place to give a hand to someone who needs it.We already got a Guild Hall and have been working on upgrades. we have a discord server, guild lotto, events calendar and much more.

We are still looking for new members (new guild wars 2 players or people who are returning to the game) We are also looking for some nice people who can lead events, preferable leaders who owns a commander tag, and would like to be a very important member of our guild.We haven't a lot of rules like other guilds that makes you feel like you are in a job enviroment when you are logged just to have fun. We have good sense of humor, and that's what we look for in people.

Our [NO REP] Guild is PvX, doing fractals, dungeons, meta events, trains of any kind, guild missions, world bosses, map completion and trying to add more activities like raids and pvp stuff.

Come be our friend and powerful together. (Feel free to make any questions below)

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