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Raid/Dungeon Idea expanded further.


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I felt as though my last post of this dungeon was too vague to ever catch the eyes of an Anet dev, so I expanded it hardcore... That being said, I don't care if this is accepted. I just want Arenanet senpai to notice me, and say "oh I like this, but this could be better as well as that." I understand it's a stupid pipe dream. Still, comments are appreciated. Thanks for reading, if you bother to.

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Hello; I can tell you put alot of effort into this. The idea itself is great, only the timing is a little bit.... unfortunant?

Your Idea could totally be implemented IF dev's was still working on HoT content. But now their attention has shifted to the latest Expansion; PoF.

It could still work if this was somehow set as a long past memory within the Mists wich the players reenact(as a Fractal perhaps); but even that seems unlikely/farfetched.

General idea's like "add weapon's dye plz" or "some hairstyles design here" stay timeless; allowing to be implemented at a later time.

But if an idea is tied to a specific Expansion you wanna make sure that Idea was shared/presented; BEFORE that expansion's developmentcyclewas closed chapter; or else all your research/effort are for neigh.That being said; theres always the possibility they could recycle pieces of your idea to be implemented in a diffrent manner; perhaps mechanics of some bosses etc.

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