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extra life bonus is not working for PvP

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Check this bonus in Unranked and ranked PvP (with guild's 10% bonus)Win unranked - 770 points for reward track (700 +70 for guild 10% bonus), 1510 point for rank (+10 forready).Win ranked - 770 points for reward track (700 +70 for guild 10% bonus), 1515 point for rank (+5 for top stat and +1 for ready).extra life bonus must give 21% for reward track, but it's not working.

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  • ArenaNet Staff

Hi everyone,We’ve identified a bug that’s preventing the Extra Life bonus from applying correctly in PvP. On November 13, we’ll roll out a change to ensure it applies going forward, and it’ll run for a week afterward so PvP players can take advantage of the full bonus duration.
Once this fix takes effect, when a PvP match countdown begins, you’ll see the buff removed, but it will be reapplied as soon as the countdown ends.Thanks for your patience while we looked into this and figured out a fix!

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Hello, so I saw this post yesterday and thought "Great, they know about it and it's getting fixed, yay! Today, I noticed the date. :/ But it's still bugged. Even before the Extra Life stacks, the XP bonuses aren't getting applied to pvp rank experience, so I stopped wasting them. Can anyone shed some light please?

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